Goulie Scheer

"My mother always said, "Every thing you learn has a tuition." I am stunned to know how many people pay with their well-being in order to learn how to live a happy and meaningful life."     Goulie

Meet Goulie

Goulie Scheer is one of the most unique figures in personal development in America today.  Her extraordinary background, experience and training have given her an unparalleled insight into the complex natures of people, families, religions and social environments.

Goulie is an NLP and Hypnosis practitioner and she has combined the power of NLP with all her accumulated knowledge and experience to develop very unique workshops and lectures.  These programs show everyone how they can have happiness and fulfillment in their lives and then go on to achieve levels of success never imagined.




What do we do?

Our goals are to educate people and make them realize that they already have, within themsleves, all the tools they need for better living.  Then we teach them to connect to those tools and use them.

One need not learn special skills or go to special schools to be happy, successful or fulfilled. 

One need not engage in years of wasteful therapy to unlock hidden secrets, only to become more and more confused. 

People need not travel to foreign lands and cultures to "find themselves."

The keys to success, happiness and fulfillment are already inside each person, deep in their hearts and minds, in their sub-consciouses, in their memories, in their dreams. Goulie works with groups of various sizes to teach people to shed their old belief systems and inhibitions and unlock their true potentials.

Schedule a workshop for your company or organization

Every great organization needs intense and meaningful intervention from time to time where participants can regain the energy and purpose and core values that made them great to begin with.

In addition to working on her first book, which will be released in the fall of this year, Goulie currently offers four fantastic programs.

1     Two-hour workshop for groups of 10-40 on finding our own inner resources and achieve inner well-being.

2     Full day workshop on Transformative Growth for small groups.

3     Custom-tailored workshops for businesses, houses of worship, schools, social clubs.
       Topics can include such things as goals, focusing, dealing with stress, weight loss, self-confidence, leaving a closed community, and more.

4     Guided Meditations


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